The Yota kitchen is designed with the individual user's needs in mind and every detail is conceived to lead them through an emotional journey. With its stylish 22 mm thick doors, the kitchen becomes a major feature in the house, enhanced by a vast range of materials, including skilfully crafted wood veneers, glossy and matt lacquered surfaces as well as special lacquer finishes.

Functional features built into the cabinet door

Opening Typologies

An amazing array of composition solutions caters to the most diverse ways of living the kitchen, and the customisation of the cabinet doors through sophisticated opening solutions - like the Zeta or the Lambda handles - creates personalised kitchens to suit each customer's individual personality.

Accessories for a unique kitchen


Modus is a range of container units, crafted entirely from skilfully assembled brush finish aluminium, which can be freely arranged.

Their sleek, bold lines create a modern and essential design making them a distinctive feature of the kitchen.

Organising all the spaces

Easy Line

A linear and comprehensive composition featuring the modern black handle Last and stainless steel interior drawers Intivo.

Easy Line solid wood accessories for drawers and deep drawers are modular solutions designed to optimise interior storage space. They are shown here in black walnut finishing.

Spotlight features


A finely crafted aluminium frame meticulously assembled with the glass creates an exclusive accessory.

The new glass doors feature a smoked glass panel set in a black anodised aluminium frame with an integrated pull on one side running along the full height of the door.

The range of modules available can be used for wall, base and tall units.


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