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Theo Doussineau on 26 March 2018

As much as Armony is about upscale kitchen design, we are also about people. In this article we are pleased to introduce Davide Bot, designer in Italy for Armony Cucine.

 “Creating is part of human nature. I have always been fascinated by the creation of artifacts. In a sense, I feel like a modern craftsman who uses different approaches and tools and who can reach many people with new products.”Davide Bot

That’s the view of Davide Bot, designer for Armony Cucine. Davide’s interest in design and furniture came at an early age. He was raised in a small town in northeast Italy where many in the community worked in the furniture manufacturing business. He was influenced by the industry and saw furniture design as an opportunity to create new and exciting things.

This interest took him to Milan where he studied Industrial Design at the Polytechnic followed by a Master in Product Design at Milan’s Domus Academy. At Domus, Davide was exposed to different approaches to design while working with people from diverse backgrounds and in international teams.

One of his first positions after university was with famed fashion house Versace. “I will always be grateful for their trust and allowing me to design things I never imagined I’d do such as creating a complete collection of furniture and researching a new fragrance for mass distribution.” It was at Versace that Davide developed his first design. “I am still proud of Herald. It was exciting to see a prototype created by master craftsmen at the highest levels.”

Davide describes himself as “curious and collaborative yet demanding”. He believes every detail and design can be improved when technologies, trends and lifestyles are constantly evolving. “I consider myself a young designer who has much to say through his work”.

When asked how his design philosophy and approach apply to his work at Armony: “Armony allows me to work at the forefront of latest trends and market changes. It’s a company that sees itself not only as an innovative kitchen company, but a lifestyle maker. Armony offers a wide variety of finishings and modularity with choices that have been carefully studied and allow for generous personalization. Colors, material and accessories are constantly updated.”

“I also appreciate that the company has more than 40 years of history that follows a constant process of growth while maintaining high quality. A kitchen company our size manages a large volume of accessories and materials, so it requires carefully selected suppliers. Armony partners with some of the best Italian and German artisan companies.”

Davide’s position has him involved throughout the product development process. “Being involved at the outset of a project is like setting out on a new adventure!” he says. “Having the opportunity to shape the world with products that will influence and possibly improve someone’s experience is what drives me.”

Photo caption: Chair created by Davide while at Versace.“This chair represents my obsession to detail. At first glance the shape is simple, but on a closer look you can see the unusual propositions  and refinements such as the metal structure that blends with the upholstery.”


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