Omicron 22

An innovative kitchen featuring modern combinations of straight lines, new materials and imaginative layouts.

These harmonious solutions show the utmost attention to detail, reflected by the 22 mm thick cabinet doors with a 33° cut profile, and are always conceived with functional and practical aspects in mind. A kitchen that keeps up with today's fast pace of life and can be customised to meet specific lifestyle needs.

Details that add character

Profile cut at 33°

Cabinet doors with 33° cut profile combined with the flat grip profile are the distinctive feature of the Omicron kitchen. This solution provides the perfect marriage between a streamlined design and functionality.

A soft yet bold feature that can be enhanced by textured finishes, highlighting the modern and minimalist personality of this kitchen.

Innovative solutions

Kitchen Accessories

The dynamic and versatile character of Omicron 22 kitchens is bolstered by innovative solutions developed to improve practicality. A new approach to living and working in the kitchen is created by functional wall units, panels and accessories especially designed to interact with the setting and enhance the look of the composition.

A kitchen to live in


The kitchen is the beating heart of the home and must therefore have well organized spaces. Armony's research centre has designed several solutions to improve tall units, wall units and corner units so as to make the most of the available spaces through systems based on German or Italian technology to deliver superior technical quality.

Omicron 22

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