The range of lacquered kitchens is one of the strengths of the Armony collection, with a palette of 28 colours available in glossy and matt finish, as well as the possibility of customising the colour to provide total freedom of choice. The thickness of the coating applied on the MDF panels produces high quality surfaces and edges with strong scratch and impact resistance.

The collection also includes 8 metallic colours and the special metallic effect lacquered finishes featured in the Urban and Vintage collections the production of which includes processes carried out by hand by highly specialised technicians.

The range is completed by the glossy UV lacquered finish, providing the elegance of a lacquered kitchen at an affordable price.

The quality of the polyurethane or acrylic lacquer paints meets all the solvent emissions safety requirements in accordance with EU Directive 9259 and norm DIN 53 160.



1401 Ghisa

1401 Ghisa

1403 Nichel

1403 Nichel


1357 Iron

1357 Iron



1101 Bianco


1103 Canape


1116 Arancio


1118 Rosso


1123 Corda


1124 Nero


1127 Grigio fumo


1133 Rosso vivo


1135 Neve


1136 Lino


1137 Moka


1138 Grigio cenere


1139 Visone


1140 Fango


1141 Beige


1142 Blu polvere


1143 Melanzana


1144 Ghiaccio


1146 Sabbia


1146 Militare


1147 Avio


1151 Zafferano


1152 Azzurro


1153 Verde Positano


1158 Nardò


1159 Corallo


1160 Giallo zolfo


1161 Lavagna


Grigio metro



X-White Matt


X-Grey Matt


X-Black Matt



X-White Lux


X-Grey Lux

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