Passion, imagination, dedication

Born in 1976 from the vision and the enthusiasm of who used to breath, every day, the culture of hight quality furniture. From the Province of Treviso, a manufacturing district of excellence, located in the Noth-East of Italy, Armony embodies the idea of a craft kitchen that becomes very soon a successful brand.

An Italian symphony

The pleasure of a kitchen conceived to welcome emotions, generate wealth, designed to last. At the heart of Armony's design conception there are, functional spaces and conviviality. Looking for shapes that represent contemporary life-styles that express through each model the beauty of Italian kitchen comfort, dynamism and freedom of movement.

Human excellence: past and present

In the manufacturing sites, of Caneva (PN) and Mansuè (TV), skilled workmen control the last most updated generation of CNC Machines.
The heart of Armony's design: aesthetic, elegance and experience, stay for reliable products, new images for future kitchens but remaining a still conscious witness of past traditions.

Attention to detail

Customization is the spirit of modernness translated in a flexible design where every requirement finds its expression.
Research and innovation is reflected in a wide sample set of over two hundred different finishes: an harmony of selected materials for a trendy interior design project.

To care and to do well

Manufacture stay for responsibility. Armony uses environmentally-friendly panels CARB2 licenced, in accordance with the most strict limitations for the emission of formaldehyde. Armony has been the first Italian kitchen Company to get GREENGUARD certification, it invests in water-based varnishing. The entire range of mat lacquered is now produced with water-soluble paints free from solvents and acrylic materials.

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