The goal is to have a kitchen that is as practical as possible without affecting the beauty of its design.

This is achieved through an array of systems and accessories from the best of Italian and German design to provide functional and long-lasting solutions. These features make the kitchen infinitely more practical so that the user can experience maximum efficiency.


The perfect balance between functionality and aesthetic design is achieved thanks to a system for producing tall units with retractable doors. These units can be fitted with household appliances, bespoke accessories and a pull-out stainless steel top.

The doors can be closed completely to give the kitchen a modern and streamlined look.

Convoi system

The whole larder can be pulled out at one stroke, optimising use of space in a perfect combination of functionality and elegance.

The larder equipped with the “Convoi” system features 5 height-adjustable pull-out trays with white non-slip base and glass side panels.

Pull-out Larder

Pull-out larders are the perfect solution for those who seek a modern and dynamic environment.

The shelves are height adjustable for maximum customisation, and to make the unit even more practical it is available in both a pull-out door and a revolving door version.

The larders are tested for 30,000 opening/closing cycles and are designed with the utmost attention to every detail.

Tall storage unit

The tall storage units in the Armony collection are equipped with German Kesseböhmer systems designed to last in time. They enable all the interior storage space to be easily organised, accessed and used, in keeping with the best ergonomically designed kitchens.

Corner Solution

The vast range of modules in the Armony collection includes several solutions for making the most of the storage space inside corner units.

They are made exclusively with top quality Italian or German made systems.

Glass and aluminium shelves

Functional and beautiful looking spaces for the perfect combination of practicality and elegance.

All the kitchen components are enhanced by Armony's top quality shelves whose see-through glass base set in a stainless steel frame allows the LED light to filter through to every part of the unit.

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